10 Common Cassandra Interview Questions

1) What is Cassandra?

Cassandra is a NoSQL distributed database system, specially developed to manage and store a large amount of data. It is an open source data storage system.

2) In which language Cassandra is written?

Cassandra is basically written in Java language. It was designed by Facebook and very scalable for big data. Cassandra comprises of flexible schemas.

3) Name the query language used in Cassandra database?

Cassandra Query Language (CQL) is used for accessing Cassandra. It is a simple interface similar to the Structured Query Language (SQL).

4)What are the different types of NoSQL databases?

  • Document store types(CouchDB & MongoDB )
  • Key-Value store types (Volgemort and Redis)
  • Graph store types (Giraph and Neo4j)
  • Column store types (Cassandra)

5) Name the primary components of Cassandra data models?

  • Cluster
  • Column & Family
  • Column
  • Keyspace

6) How is data stored in Cassandra?

In Cassandra, all data are stored in a byte. When the validator is specified, Cassandra makes sure that the bytes are encoded according to the requirements and a comparator arranges the column based on the ordering as per the encoding.

7) What are the advantages of Cassandra?

  • Cassandra offers real-time performance and makes the work of Administrators, Software Engineers, and Data Analysts easier.
  • Cassandra is a column-oriented database without a single point of failure.
  • It has schema design and data storage and offers effortless data distribution.
  • It can manage big data workloads across various nodes without a solitary point of failure.
  • Cassandra supports ACID property and does not require separate caching layer.

8) What is a node in Cassandra?

A node is a space where data is stored in Cassandra.

9) What is a data center in Cassandra?

A data center is a group of related nodes in Cassandra.

10) Name some types of composite keys in Cassandra?

Composite keys are used to describe a column name or key with a concatenation of different data types. Two kinds of the Composite key are present in Cassandra:

  • Column Name
  • Row Key

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