10 Great Alternatives to Minecraft

Minecraft is an interesting game that lets you build numerous types of 3D blocks within a big world of shifting territories and land.  It is different than any ordinary video game as it gives a unique experience to all gamers as per the platform on which the game is played. So, if you are also a big fan of Minecraft then have a look at some of the intriguing of derivates of Minecraft game.



Roblox game has also received a lot of admiration on App store. It is an exceptional game in which all the level have its own gaming styles such as battle arenas, adventure, first-person shooters, and RPG. It is a great alternative to Minecraft as you can create your own level and share them with other players.



Mintest is one of the best substitutes to Minecraft as it is referred to as a game engine and near-infinite-world block sandbox game. It gives you an option to play multiplayer subgames and games and provides various types of terrain generators and various default biomes.

This is an open-source game that is written in C++ under the LGPL. It also runs on various platforms such as Android, Linux, Windows, FreeBSD and other types of operating systems. Minetest also provides a user-friendly API for crafting for mods in Lua.

The Sandbox

the sandbox

The sandbox game is a bit dissimilar from the Minecraft as it basically focuses on the creation part. This game is apt for those who love the Creative Mode in Minecraft to know what they can build. Gamers can craft their own world and can view other players. You also get in-app purchases for iOS and Android games that you will give you add new elements at lesser costs.



StarForge is another game great alternative for those who are sci-fi lover.This game will not only give you the option to do crafting and harvesting but you can also offer Fort Defense mode, vehicles and survival mode.



Voxel.js is not exactly a game but this javascript library will let you craft your own Minecraft-style games and some interactive widgets that are written in HTML and JavaScript. Voxel.js is a combination of numerous related projects so you can build your perfect game even with little coding.



Terraria use the same method of gaming just as Minecraft but the look of the game is quite different and somewhat more advanced.You can harvest, discover, craft and team up with different characters to fight with bosses. This game is also available on iOS, PC and Android.



TrueCraft is very much similar to the Minecraft game and regarded as a Minecraft “implementation,” and is quite compatible with official Minecraft server releases. The game is an open source under an MIT license and written C# language.



Survivalcraft is a mobile app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone and the look of the game is much similar to the Minecraft game. This game is aimed towards survival rather than exploring and building. While playing the games, gamers need to sleep, eat and have to stay away from the dangers that include various wild animals and different types of weather conditions.



Starbound is the best Minecraft substitute for PC for those who are die-hard fans of sci-fi.In this game; you have to play a character of a person who is crash landed on different planning after escaping from their own planet.  This game comprises a lot of fun activities as you can build, explore, harvest and bosses and monsters are involved in this game activity.



Rust is another alternative that basically focuses on survival. In this, you will have to conquer zombies, hunt animals and builds items to survive each day. In the beginning, you will have only rocks and sticks and the game will gradually grow and you will have to rob deserted bunkers to search for equipment and scheme that will assist you to live longer in the game.





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  1. Bruce says:

    Great list. And the list can be expanded, everybody knows. But here we can check really cool Minecraft alternatives. Roblox is really cool with tons of cool mini games, and WorldCraft : 3D Build & Craft
    is also great, because there are so many players worldwide that are showing their creativity, but the graphics on this game is not so cool as on the games from the article.

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