10 Popular LESS Interview Questions with Answers

10 Popular LESS Interview Questions

1) What is Less?

Less is a dynamic stylesheet producing language that can be easily compiled into Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) and runs on a server as well as client side.

2) Who is the developer of less?

The language was developed by Dmitry Fadeyev and Alexis Sellier.

3)  List some color channel functions used in LESS?

  • saturation
  • hswalue
  • hue
  • luminance
  • green
  • alpha
  • blue
  • red
  • luma

4)What are color functions in Less?

The color function used in LESS are mentioned below:

  • saturation
  • hsvhue

5) What is the use of data URI in LESS?

Data URI is a method that lets developers avoid external image referencing. It is a great way to lessen HTTP requests.

6) Name some similarities between Saas and Less?

  • Namespaces are same in both the cases.
  • Parametric mixins and mixins are also same.
  • JavaScript evaluations are same in both the cases.
  • Nesting potential is also same.
  • Color functions are also same.

5) How are variables symbolized in Less?

The variables are presented as @sing in LESS. Variables assignment is done with a: (colon) sign. The variables values are inserted into the minified file and CSS output file.

6)What is the use of &combinator in Less?

& combinator joins parent selector with the nested selector. It is beneficial for Pseudo classes such as: focus and: hover.

7)How can you create a loop structure in Less?

To create a loop or iterative structure, recursive mixins are joined by guard expressions and pattern matching.

8)What is the use of operations in Less?

The various simple operators in LESS such as ? ,/, +,* that is used for mathematical operations.

9)What is nesting in LESS programming?

In LESS programming, nesting is a group of statement inside the other statements. For an instance, if you are adding a code inside another code it is called nesting.

10 )What is e() function in Less?

The e() function is used to escape a value and let it pass to the compiled CSS.