6 Easy Ways to Resolve 500 Internal Server Error in WordPress

500 Internal Server Error mostly occurs is bad due to bad installations, incompatible versions and also if server permissions are not set in a proper manner. If you are familiar with web browsing then you must have encountered this error more than once in a lifetime.

Internal Server Error is very common on WordPress site. This type of error is increases the bounce back rate of the site as visitors leave your website quickly if they come across these kinds of error. So, if you have WordPress beginner and looking for some quick solution to resolve such errors then have a look at this article resolve 500 internal server errors in the easiest way.

Recheck .htaccess file

The 500 Internal Server Errors mostly occurs because of the misconfiguration of ‘.htaccess’ file. So, you can rename the .htaccess file as ‘.htaccess_bk’ .The file is mainly present in the public_html folder in the file manager. You need to pick the choice known as ‘show hidden files’ in the setting options of your file manager as the file is hidden. You also have to recheck the permissions for ‘.htaccess’, which is 644.

Make Sure To Check the WordPress Plugins

500 Internal Server Error can occur because of WordPress plugins. If this kind of error happens after activating a new plugin then it is advised to deactivate the activated plugin. You need to reload the website again.

If the problem is still not resolved then try renaming the ‘plugins’ folder to something like plugins_old and then reload your site again by activating all the plugins one after another. Then check whether the 500 Internal Server Error is gone or not by just reloading your site.

Don’t Forget To Check Your PHP Memory Limit

As we know, scripts, plugins and themes make use of huge memory. So you need to add a line of code “500 Internal Server Error” that is present in the php.ini file that is present in the home directory.

Check for Corrupted WordPress Files

If the core files of WordPress get corrupted then you need to upload the newer version of wp-includes and wp-admin just from the fresher version of WordPress installation.

Check Your WordPress Themes

You need to recheck your WordPress themes by opening the ‘themes’ folder and then renaming the folder that contains files that access the theme which is activated. This process will then deactivate the current theme so that default theme will be activated automatically. After that, reload the site to see whether the error is still showing or not.

Verify PHP Version

If you are using the PHP version above 5.3 and  .htaccess file that comprises of “register_globals = on” line then you require to eradicate it and reload the website as the register globals support PHP version 5.3 only.

The Bottom Line

As conversed in this article, these are the areas where exactly the 500 Internal Server errors occur. So try out these steps to resolve the problem.


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