7 Useful Command Prompt Tricks

A command prompt is just a white and black box for few people but it is quite useful for those who have a knowledge of this amazing command line interpreter. So if you are also a big fan of command prompt and have experience in cmd then take a look at the article to know some useful tricks of command prompt.


Run numerous commands

It is very simple to run multiple commands in dos by writing a quick command. By typing “&&” in between the commands you can easily run two codes at the same time.

To run the paint and ipconfig , just type the command given below:

ipconfig && dir.

Command History

With a simple command, you can know your command history. This trick is quite helpful in the situation when you want to search for commands that you have used in the past. The command is mentioned below:

doskey /history

Examine system files for issues

To scan your system file, you just have to run sfc /scannow on cmd and this code will run a system file checker tool that will scrutinize the Windows system files to scan the issues. If any files are corrupted or missing then this command will also resolve them.

The command is given below:

sfc /scannow

View PC driver list

It is simple to view all the installed drivers on your PC by using an easy command. To run this, you need to run the driverquery command to view the list of every driver with their type, name and different info. Just type the command mentioned below:


Send an output to clipboard

If you want to send and save the output of the command prompt then you can do it with some simple code. Use this command that is mentioned below:

ipconfig | clip

Make your Command Prompt colorful

Altering a color of your command prompt is also a simple task. To change the color, first go to top corner and then right click and then select properties. Then go to the color tabs to choose your favorite text color and background color.


Create Wi-Fi hotspot

Before opening the Command Prompt to execute the commands needed for this, you need to open Control Panel and find Change adapter settings in the Network and Sharing option. From there, click on the internet connection that you are using and then again click on the Properties. Now find the sharing tab and check the option “Allow other network users to connect to this computer’s internet connection.”

To create Wi-Fi spot open Command prompt with admin rights and then enter the code given below:

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=Youthotspotname key=yourpassword

Once it is enabled, type the command to switch on the Wi-Fi hotspot

netsh wlan start hostednetwork

You can also stop it by typing the command given below:

netsh wlan stop hostednetwork“.



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