8 Dojo Interview Questions & Answers

8 Dojo Interview Questions & Answers

1) What is Dojo?

Dojo is a framework that is based on HTML and JavaScript. It is written to simplify the development of client-side web applications.

2)What are the features of Dojo?

  • Dojo is easy to learn and licensed by AFL or BSD.
  • It is an open source JavaScript toolkit.
  • It provides utilities, widgets, and great IO abstraction.
  • Dojo is used to develop dynamic web user interfaces and interactive web applications.
  • It offers widgets, utilities, higher IO abstraction etc.

3)What is the history of Dojo?

The development of Dojo was commenced by Dylan Schiemann and Alex Russell in 2004 and the first code was written in September 2004.

4)What is the architecture of Dojo?

The architecture of Dojo comprises of following components:

  • Dijit
  • DojoX
  • Dojo Base
  • Util
  • Custom code
  • Dojo Core

5)What are the benefits of Dojo?

Dojo is a great JavaScript toolkit and comes with various benefits such as:

  • It supports associative arrays.
  • Dojo also supports loosely typed variables.
  • It supports classes and objects.
  • It also supports regular expression and W3C DOM.

6)What is the directory structure of Dojo?

/ index.html: The entry point of the application

/app : The application module.

/app/main.js: It is the main script for app module.

7)What is the difference between Dojo and Ajax?

Dojo is a JavaScript framework such as Prototypes, Mootools and JQuery while Ajax is similar to Asynchronous JavaScript and XML.

8)What are the several Dijit layout widgets?

  • LinkPane
  • ContentPane
  • Split Container
  • Accordion Container
  • Tab Container
  • Stack Container
  • Border Container

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