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Asterisk is a software application of telephone private branch exchange (PBX) that lets the connected telephones to make calls to each other and to connect to another telephone services such as telephone private branch exchange and public switched telephone network (PSTN). Asterisk frameworks are mostly used by the developers who have a good understanding of Linux, networking and telephony and script programming.

Asterisk project was started in the year 1999 by Mark Spenser, who has released its initial code under the GPL open source license. The system has been tested and enhanced by the global community of thousands of people since that date. Today, the asterisk system is managed and maintained by the communal efforts of the Asterisk community and Digium.

asterisk software

Nowadays, asterisk systems are used by small and large organizations, call centres and government firms all across the globe. It is used as a foundation for a complete business system to enhance and extend the existing system to lower down the gap between the systems. Asterisk is a credible, pliable and steady framework that is utilized for crafting solutions that suit your business needs and requirements.  So if you are planning to buy asterisk call center software then first have a look at the benefits and uses of Asterisk software.

Advantages of Asterisk Software

asterisk system

Quick Development & Deployment

It is very simple to deploy and build PBX’s and IVR applications with the help of Asterisk system. The powerful and efficacious text and caller line identification (CLI) text configuration files allow both rapid configuration and real-time diagnostics.

Easy Customization

Asterisk also provides customization features as the functionalities of asterisk software can be easily altered through its source code, configuration files and international support. One can even change the codes of Asterisk system according to their needs.

Dynamic Content Deployment

Asterisk system enables users to deploy the content over the phone just like CGI. This feature is much similar to the web servers such as Apache, which allows the user to deploy dynamic content such as account information, show time and many more on the web.

Flexible Dial Plan

Asterisk system is equipped with a pliable dial plan that permits the cohesive merger of interactive voice response (IVR) and private branch exchange (PBX) functionality.  In fact, many of the functionalities can be easily applied with extension and the asterisk system also supports a mixture of extension lengths.

Low Cost

The asterisk comes with a low-priced Linux telephony hardware so it is very easy to utilize the Asterisk system as a PBX by just spending a small amount of money.

Rich, Wide Feature Base

This open source software also supports some advanced features such as conferencing, voice menus, Interactive voice response (IVR) and voicemail. Also, new functionalities can easily be added to an Asterisk system with minimum efforts.

Full Control

The users can take a control of their phone systems fully with the help of the Asterisk systems. They can virtually get the control of all features of its operation in an Asterisk system just as Apache.

Applications of Asterisk Software

asterisk system

  • Asterisk is framework is used for making multi-protocol, real-time communication solutions and applications. It condenses the intricacy of technology and communication protocols for crafting innovative products and solutions.
  • Asterisk systems are mostly used as the main engine for different communication applications. The system also used for building varied communication applications such as VoIP gateways, conference bridges, business phone systems and call distributors.
  • With the help of Asterisk CRM integration applications, firms can improve the efficiency of their phone communication by giving more alternatives for receiving and making phone calls.  Asterisk also provides features such as customer management, number lookups, call recording and notes uploading.
  • The system also has the capability to integrate communication into any business that you use.


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