Android 8.1 Developer Preview Features

With Android 8.1 Developer Preview available for download, users got the opportunity to explore its features by installing the beta version on their supported devices. This interim release of Oreo with the new Easter Egg has a lot to offer and have notable and exciting features. Users can easily remove the preview from their Google or Nexus mobile phones later. The final Android 8.1 software is expected to be released in December, prior to that Google may roll out another preview of 8.1 by the end of November.

Android_8.1 egg

Let’s take a look what Google is offering in its Android 8.1 Developer Preview.

Skipping Data Restore

Many times, we are in hurry to use the new phone that we don’t want to restore data at the initial setup. The time-consuming process of restoring the data diminishes the excitement of using the new phone. Google comes with the new feature in Android 8.1 preview in which you can skip the restoring part at the initial step and can complete this task anytime later by tapping ‘Finish SetUp’ in the Setting of the phone.

SMS Connect through Chromebook

The 8.1 Developer preview of Oreo has come with an APK “SMSConnectPrebuilt” which enables the users to enjoy sending and receiving SMS on Chromebook.  This feature is called SMS Connect, by enabling this feature present in the Settings of Chrome; users can send and receive text messages on their Chromebook. But for the time this is just a placeholder and cannot be enabled, this feature will be available in the full release of Android 8.1 and might be just Pixel Exclusive.

Improved Battery Life

Google has the tried to improve the performance of battery on its Pixel and Nexus devices through this Developer Preview of 8.1. It has the feature to send alert notification sound just once per second irrespective of the number of alerts it has thus enhanced performance for low RAM devices.

Google will also inform the user to inform users about the Apps that are running in the background. Now user can control the battery life by stopping the Apps updates that are not necessary at that time.

Oreo 8.1 has come up with one more feature to save the battery by having “Keep WiFi On During Sleep” option. It enables users to disable the WiFi when the phone is in sleep mode which will improve the battery life.

Different Restart and Shut Down Screens

In the previous version of Android, the mobile shows the same screen for Restart and Power Off which leads to confusion whether the device is restarting or shutting down. In the developer preview version, by long pressing the Power button at the side, a small screen appears which shows two options Power Off and Restart. When Restart option is chosen a different screen will appear showing Restart. This is a user-friendly feature and will definitely be liked.

android 8.1_screen

Automatic Theme

The new WallpaperColors API brings a cool feature in the Google devices. It automatically changes the color of theme according to the Wallpaper used.  If the user applies light colored Wallpaper, the theme automatically changed to lighter one and if dark color Wallpaper is used then it changed the darker theme.

Android 8.1


You can get your device enrolled in the Android Beta Program by downloading and installing the Android 8.1 Preview on your Pixel and Nexus mobile phones and can take a look what Google is going to offer to its users.

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