How to Choose Business VoIP Service Provider?

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is a method of doing voice communication through the internet at a very low cost.  VoIP services include voice call, fax, conference call, call recording, SMS, voice messages etc. which can be done using any internet enabled device like personal computers. Nowadays, with the increased use of smartphones, one can use this service from their mobile phone when connected to either Wi-Fi or mobile data. VoIP phone service has completely changed the business phone system; it became very popular as it significantly reduces the cost of the company, offers the better quality of voice calls and has many more advantages compared to conventional telephones. There are many business VoIP service providers in the market like 1-VoIP, 8X8, Nextiva, Skype etc.

Advantages of VoIP in Business

Let’s take a glance at major advantages of using VoIP phone system in the corporates.


Low Cost

A small to mid-sized business can drastically reduce the cost of international calls & local calls by opting for VoIP phone. Considering start-up cost, installation cost and monthly fee, it is always the best option for corporate use, a few service providers also offer the money back guarantee if you don’t like their services.

Call Redirect

Whether you are working in the office, from home or working in any other country, you can easily redirect your calls to your cell phone, home phone number or to your hotel number. You don’t have to be present at your office; it will also handle all outgoing calls from anywhere with same caller id. In business you don’t want to miss a single call, this feature gives you flexibility and you are always available for your clients and customers.

IVR and Call Queuing

 VoIP gives the option to set your phone for interactive voice response, where the user can dial the numbers as per pre-recorded instructions to directly request for any service with the less waiting time and less human intervention.

Simple one extension calls

By sitting in your Seattle office, you can connect to your colleague who is sitting in Paris by dialing just one extension. This makes the calls easy, convenient and you don’t have to dial long numbers for international calls.

Call Analytics & Monitoring

 VoIP allows forced barge-in to listen and monitor the calls. This feature is used to enhance customer experience.

Multiple Phone Numbers

You can get multiple phone numbers with minimal rate, apart from that VoIP also gives toll-free numbers, virtual faxing, and virtual extension.

Many Other Features

VoIP gained its popularity in the corporates because it offers a huge range of services like Fax, Call Recording, Conference Calls, Video Conference Calls, Business SMS, Call Transfer, VoiceMail, Auto Attendant, hold music etc.

Easy to Install and Use

This phone system has removed the jungle of tangled wires below your desk as the VoIP phone directly gets connected to the network port. The setup and installation process is very fast, can also be done by amateurs. This phone is easy to use and all the features can be used by doing few simple steps.

Better Customer support

If the LAN is down or you want assistance in setting up IVR, you can always call the Help Desk of VoIP. They provide 24/7 customer support which is far better than the telephone companies.

Factors to consider while choosing Business VoIP Service Provider


While choosing your service provider always consider the one who provides high-quality service and no interruption in voice communication. Quality of calls and reliable network connection with 99.9% uptime are the most important factors to keep in mind before choosing the service provider.


Many VoIP service providers have no setup or installation cost and very low hardware cost. In a business always opt for high-quality service and low cost and choose the plan that suits your requirements. Due to huge competition in the market between the providers, you can get low-cost good deals easily like unlimited calls, fax, conferences, no setup charges, money back guarantee, no cancellation fee, free trials and much more.


 In today’s world, data theft & hacking has become a major issue. So go for the VoIP connection which offers better security measures like Anti-malware, email filtering, firewalls etc. You cannot take the risk for your client’s data as you may get into legal troubles. As VoIP sends voice and data through packets, it is very important that there is no security breach.


Always choose the one having more features and which is easy to use. Go for the provider whose phone has many features like Video calls, Voice calls, Chat, Web Conferencing, VoiceMail, IVR, and single mobile App for Calls, Texts, and Conferences etc.


You cannot lose even one hour in the office waiting for the phone to work or network connection to be up, you could lose the potential client or several dollars. That is why it is very important to choose the service provider who gives 24/7 customer support. Whenever there is LAN issue, network connection problem or you just want to know how to do conference calls, the customer support of your VoIP service provider is available to help you.

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