DFU Mode in iPhone: How To Use It Guide

Device Firmware Upgrade which is popularly known as DFU hops the iBoot bootloader and lets your iPhone, iPad or iPod to interface with iTunes. It restricts iTunes to automatically upgrade the device to the latest version. In DFU mode, iPhone screen becomes completely black and lets the user to downgrade or upgrade firmware, jailbreak, unlock the SIM and also has the power to restore the iPhone from any state. So if your iPhone won’t restart and you have tried other alternatives try putting your DFU Mode in iPhone.

Interesting Things to do when iPhone in DFU Mode

Several times it happens that you saw an app in your friend’s Android phone, it’s cool and you want it but Apple App Store doesn’t support the app. You want to do a few extra things from iPhone so you want to jailbreak or unlock the SIM. Or you don’t like the recently upgraded version of the software. Sometimes when your iPhone won’t turn on and you have tried everything to fix it then iPhone in DFU mode is the ultimate answer for you.

Jailbreak: Jailbreak means removing restriction from the iOS software of iPhones, iPods and iPads which allows the device to install all the apps and software that are not available in Apple store.  To do jailbreak you need to put your iPhone in DFU Mode

Downgrade or Upgrade of Software: When you connect your iPhone to iTunes, it automatically upgrades the software. In DFU mode, forceful update of iOS is restricted and you can downgrade to lower version or upgrade as per your wish.

If iPhone won’t turn on or get stuck: You have tried all the methods to turn on the iPhone but you are unable to fix the issue. Try DFU Mode in iPhone, it will work most of the time even when recovery mode doesn’t.  If the iPhone gets hanged or stuck at the time of reboot or installation DFU can recover the device from any state.

How to put iPhone in DFU Mode?

You can easily put your iPhone or iPad device in DFU Mode, whether it’s iPhone 6 or lower models with Home button or iPhone 7 or higher models without Home button. Switch on the computer, get the USB Cable, and you are all good to follow the few easy steps

dfu mode

  • Connect your iPhone to the computer using USB cable.
  • Hold the Power Button at the side of iPhone for 3 seconds.
  • Keep holding the power button and press home button, hold both of them for 15 seconds, iPhone 7 users can hold Volume down button and Power button for 15 seconds.
  • Release power button but continue pressing the home button for 10 seconds, for iPhone 7 or higher models press Volume down button for 10 more seconds.
  • When you see all black screen on your phone then the device in DFU Mode.

Exit from DFU Mode

You must be wondering how to restore iPhone from DFU Mode, but it’s a one-step simple process.

  • iPhone 6 user have to hold Home and Power button until the device restarts. iPhone 7 and higher version iPhone users have to press Volume Down and Home button for few seconds until iPhone reboots.

With these steps you can anytime put your iPhone in DFU mode and exit from it.





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