Everything You Need to Know became a web sensation after its launch in October 2014. This free Android and iPhone application allow user to create 15-second-long music videos on various songs. You can pick snippets of popular songs and record your video while singing, dancing and, lip-synching on famous songs. has gained tremendous popularity among teens and tweens. There are about 80 million registered users for this app of which 10 million of those are active This DIY music-video making app lets muser to craft 15-second videos of them to lip-sync and dance along with the cool music. Take a glance at this article to check out some fantastic features of app.

Coolest Features of App

  1. app is a video social network that is made to create, share and search for user-created music videos known as “musicals.” The keen users of this lively network call themselves “Musers” who upload their videos while dancing, singing, or
  2. With this app, you can make short looping videos that have the logo imprinted on it and the video can be shared across various social media websites that include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and Vine. With this app, teens can “heart” videos and make digital duets with their friends or also with the people who follow
  3. Musers can enhance their videos by adding effects such as color filters and even slow down or speed up their
  4. You can even include hashtag #featureme that can be easily found by app’s curator. Any muser who uploads their video turns into “Musical” and then users can “like” it, comment on it and even subscribe to the user account. Users can easily switch to the My City tab by musers or follow tabs that display the videos of the musers that you follow.
  5. All accounts are public by default on app and anyone can follow the videos by clicking on the follow button. Users can also change their account privacy settings to private but in a private account, only approved users can look into the posted videos. Some of the enthusiastic user also post short videos that do not include music at all.

How to Use App?

  1. app can be easily downloaded from Google Play or App Store to craft an account on this app. You can create musical ly account by putting your email or phone number or you can also sign up with their Facebook account. After making your account, choose a suitable username and password and then you are all set to your profile picture in your account.
  2. Once you are done with account creation, you can explore this app by tapping the house icon to check out the featured. The app has a lightning bolt icon that shows the notifications. You can also tap the magnifying glass to look into the trending tags, muser leaderboard and peruse contests.
  3. After getting familiar with the app, you can start making your first debut. Just tap the plus sign that is present on the yellow button that carries the option to select music for your video, bring a video from your media library, or shoot your video.
  4. Most of the user use this app for creating lip sync videos but the app can also be used to shoot GIFs by tapping to “shoot first” then “live moment” to set them to music. Musers can also use it to dub scenes from TV and movies. You just have to find out the tracks from the online library of the app, or just upload the file from the media library of the phone.
  5. After selecting the track, just pick how slow or fast you want your final video to play. Once, you are satisfied with your video settings, you can just hold and tap the video camera icon on the pink circle in order to commence the filming of the video. To end the shoot, you just have to take your finger off the video.
  6. Once you stop filming the music track leaves off at the point where you paused so that you can switch props, scenes, or cameras before start shooting again. If you messed up any other section of the song then you just tap the “backspace” icon to delete the section and reshoot it again. After that, click the green arrow that will show in the top-right corner to see your musical.
  7. If you are content with you musical, give it q title with a hashtag and publish your musical to so that other musers can see it. After uploading the musical, you can also save it to your phone and share the musical to various social media platforms.
  8. You can even make your own muser technique. Many of the popular ly musers such as TheyLoveArii and Baby Ariel made videos on how to make an improvised lip sync musicals.






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