How to fix ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED in Chrome?

How to fix ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED in Chrome?

If you are using a Google Chrome browser then you must have encountered ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED errors. This kind of error occurs randomly and it can stop the loading of any kind of domains. Let’s look at this article to know about the fix of this error.

 Check whether your site is down or up

If Chrome refuses to load any domain then it shows ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error. Check whether the site is down or up. If the site is down then you will receive the similar error till the admin resolves it irrespective of what you do on the website.

Change your IP address

The error also prevails due to IP address and ISP so to fix the issue, you can alter the IP address via using a free Proxy software or VPN software. If the website opens well then the error occurs due to the ISP and IP address.

Scan for malware

This is a common problem so you also need scan for any malware on your pc and if it is present then fix it with an antivirus.

Flush DNS cache

If the website opens with a VPN then you can try to flush the DNS cache of your computer. To flush the DNS cache, try to open the command prompt with admin privilege.  To do that, perform the following steps.

  • First search for the “cmd” in the start menu.
  • Then just right-click on the search and then select Run as Administrator.
  • After that, write this command ipconfig /flushdns.

Change your DNS Server

Change your DNS setting whether you are using a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection.  This fix or solution is suitable for those who can open the site via Wi-Fi but not VPN.

But if you are using the Wi-Fi then try the solution given below:

  • First press Win+R, then type ncpa.cpl and after that press the Enter button.
  • Then right-click on your connection or Ethernet and after that click on Properties.
  • After that just double-click on the Internet Protocol Version 4.

Try not to use a proxy server for LAN

If you are not able to open a website even after installing a browser extension or VPN app then you are required to check out these settings. First, open the “Internet Options” and then switch it to “Connections” tab. Check your LAN setting in these tabs and you have to make sure that you use a proxy server if your LAN option is unchecked.If the LAN option is checked then eliminate the checkmark and then save the changes.


Hope these fix can help you in troubleshooting this ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED in chrome

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