iPhone X FACE ID: Is It Really Secure?

iPhone X has been launched with an innovative feature of facial recognition to unlock the phone. This is a radical step towards technological advancement, but there is one question that is coming in mind, how secure is this Face ID authentication?

The user needs to save the 3-D print of the face in the device by looking at the super retina display screen of iPhone X with eyes open. The infrared truedepth camera identifies 30,000 dots on face to create a precise image and stores the information in the device. Once the face identification has been saved, it can even detect the person’s face when the user is wearing glasses or have grown the beard.

FaceID authentication to unlock the phone is a sophisticated technology of next generation which is much faster than the conventional methods like TouchID and passcode verification of previous versions of iPhones. Apple has a huge trust on its Face ID feature; it goes an extra step to use the FaceID to do the transaction through Apple pay and download the apps. Again the same question how secure is this?


Apple claims that there is one in a million chances that the phone gets opened by wrong Face ID as opposed to Touch ID in which there is one in 50,000 chances to get opened by the wrong fingerprint. As the phone can only get unlocked when the eyes are open, it is almost impossible to use someone’s iPhone when the person is sleeping. The company also assures that the user’s information is saved on the device not on cloud thus protecting user’s privacy. If the user wants to opt out from FaceID authentication, he or she can press the power button five times and disable facial recognition unlocking option, it is a great feature which gives the flexibility to iPhone X users.

All the claims by the company and the advanced technologies used to build iPhone X suggest that Face ID in the device is secure; moreover, it would be interesting to see the user experiences once it comes in the market.

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