iPhone X: Why is it so amazing?

The spectacular iPhone X got unveiled on September 12 with stunning design, captivating look and revolutionary features that may turn around the world of Smartphones. The super retina display screen of 5.8 inch and elegantly rounded corners covering the whole screen not only gives iPhone X a trendy and stylish look but also provides a better user experience.

 Features of iPhone X:

Facial Recognition- The cutting-edge technology of facial recognition surely is a radical step towards technological advancement. The face becomes the new password for unlocking the phone. It is much faster than the Touch sensor unlocking feature. Facial recognition is done by Truedepth camera which analyzes 30,000 invisible dots and creates an accurate image of the face. It can even detect the face if the person starts wearing glasses or have grown the beard. As the FaceID feature of iPhone X feature is more secure, it can also be used to authenticate and do payment through Apple Pay.

iphone x face recognition, Face ID

TrueDepth Improved Camera- iPhone X is coming with dual 12mega pixel telephotos cameras which click sharper images and 7MP front camera creates high quality selfies. iPhone X lets the user to zoom the photos upto 10 times and videos upto 6 times. It has also added Portrait mode feature that blurs the background and creates beautiful selfies. The enhanced camera lets the user to click clear photos also in low light.

iphone x truedepth camera

OLED Display- The edge-to-edge display of iPhone X with screen of 5.8 inch covers thewhole front of the phone which gives the iphone an elegant look and more display screen space. iPhone X arrived with some innovative technological advancement, it offers 1,000,000 to 1 contrast ratio, better brightness and striking colors which makes the user’s experience more amazing.

iphone x oled display

Animoji- This is the cutest feature of iPhone X, it recognizes the user expressions and converts them in animal emojis popularly known as Animoji. The superior truedepth camera can identify 50 muscle movement, analyze them and change them in 12 animoji like robot or panda.

Wireless Charging- iPhone X bring this feature to make its user’s life easier. The pain to find a place to put the phone while it is plugged to the charger will get vanished by this new feature of wireless charging. User can now charge their iPhone X by placing the iPhone anywhere on Airpower mats. Although the Airpower mat will be available to user in 2018 but it is worth waiting as the user can charge Airpod, Apple watch and iPhone using the mat.

iphone x wireless charger

Better battery performance- iPhone X has higher battery performance and last longer, two hours more than iPhone 7. It is also fabricated with fast charging enabled batteries, can get fully charged in lesser time duration than the previous versions of iPhones.

Faster CPU- iPhoneX can perform 70 percent faster with its new CPU; the newly fabricated A11 Bionic, the smartest chip of smartphone can perform 600 billion operations per second.

Price of iPhone X:

iPhone X is costlier than the previous versions of iPhone. It would cost you $999 for 64GB capacity model and for 256GB capacity model you have to pay hefty amount of $1149.

Colors of iPhone X:

iPhone X is introduced in the market in two colors- elegant Silver and stunning Space Gray.

iphone x color

Release date of iPhone X:

You have to wait for more than a month to hold your incredible smartphone, preorder of the device will start from October 27. It is expected that Apple will start shipping iPhone X from November 3.

Free accessories:

Apple is offering free accessories with iPhone X. The phone’s box will contain EarPods with Lightning Connector, Lightning to USB Cable, 5W USB Power Adapter, Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter and your favorite iPhone X.

iphone x what is in the box




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