LG G8: Specs, Price & Release Date Unveiled

LG G8: Specs, Price & Release Date Unveiled

LG G8: Specs, Price & Release Date Unveiled

Over the past few years, LG G series phones went through a lot of enhancements. With the launch of the G8 phone, the firm has indulged all the good features in this upcoming flagship.  The mobile phone will come with high-end specs, better camera, sleek design, improved processor and sturdy battery.

According to the rumors, it is expected that LG G8 will give a tough competition to its rival Samsung Galaxy S10 and other high-end Smartphone. LG G8 will be the phone of future with its big, dazzling display and stunning look.

It is rumoured that phone will be having the finest snapdragon chipset on board. It is also expected that mobile will come with on-screen fingerprint option which let you unlock the phone easily by just putting your finger on the screen.  Let’s have a look at this article to unlock the specs and features of this Smartphone.


The phone will have a huge 6 inches of display with no bezels and a full OLED screen. The phone will have a 3D display which will give an excellent gaming experience to users as they can play games without using any 3D glasses.


The phone will be equipped with a dual main camera with a 23MP front camera and a 39MP dual main camera that will be perfect to take clear and sharp pictures and selfies.

RAM & Storage

The phone will have 12 GB RAM and 256 gigabytes of storage that makes this phone unique in the market.


The latest Snapdragon chipset will make this phone superior to its predecessor and from other flagships that will come in the year 2019.

Battery & Charging

As the phone is quite sleek in design so the handset will not have a removable battery as no space is present to include any removable battery alternative in it. Though Smartphone will not have a wireless charging option, it is easy to charge your phone from any location in your home. You don’t even need to put your phone on any charging pad or on a desk as you can charge this phone even when it is in your pocket.

LG G8 Release Date

The company released its G6 series early in the year 2017 and it is rumoured that the G7 is going to be launch at the start of this year. So, it is expected the company will going to launch its phone at the starting of 2019.

LG G8 Price

It is rumoured that the price of LG G8 will be around $800 to $900 as the price of LG G6 was around $720.

Final Thoughts

Though these are some rumoured specifications and speculations based on the earlier series of G series, it would be exciting to see what LG will be adding new in LG G8 that might make this Smartphone the first choice of the user.















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