Top 5 Texting Apps among Teens

Teenagers love to chat, share media and always want to stay connected with their friends. You can find different texting apps on a teenager’s mobile on which they spend most of their time.  Among hundreds of messaging apps available in the market, few are quite popular. Let’s take a look at the most loved texting apps.

Facebook Messenger:

This is the most loved instant messaging app among teens. Facebook Messenger offers a wide range of services and multiple cool features like sharing of photos, videos, audios, stickers, and files. You can start the conversation with any Facebook friend and can add as many members as you want in the conversation later. Facebook has added everything in this app that a user ever wants; you can enjoy hours of voice calling & video calling completely free of cost through this Messenger.


WhatsApp messenger is owned by FaceBook which has around 1 billion users in 180 countries. It is not only popular among teens but adults too. You just need to install WhatsApp and create the account using the phone number and you can enjoy all services offered by WhatsApp like sending text messages, photos, videos, gifs, documents, phone contacts, location, audio files, voice calls and video calls. What makes it so unique is the end-to-end encryption of messages which means security and better privacy. WhatsApp works with all the devices like Android, iOS, Windows PC and Windows mobile.


groupmeGroupMe App is a popular free texting app among teens which lets you to create your very own chat group, share videos, photos, gifs and locations. You can create events, emojis and playful memes of the images. If someone wants to connect with a friend who is not using the app, GroupMe is the best choice as it allows you to send text, photos and gifs over SMS or emails. This messaging app is compatible with iOS, Android and on Windows PC.


kikKik Messenger is a famous app among young teens as Kik’s Bot doesn’t make them feel alone. Kik is a free app, which allows you to text, share photos, videos and sketches. The best feature of this app is that it preserves the user’s privacy, as one can create Kik account without phone number. You can chat with one friend or in a group or with a bot. The bot is an amazing feature and is adored by all the teens, it provides news, gives advice, fashion tips and can also play with you. You can create a group with your friends and bot and all can play together. This messenger works with iOS, Android & PC.


omegleOmelge is developed by a teen and is very popular texting app among teens. This is a fun app for young people as it picks some random strangers and pairs them with the user, and they can start chatting. It does not sound safe but there is a good thing about this app, it lets you to be completely anonymous. Omegle allows you to text, voice chat, and video chat and is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows PC.

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