10 Most Useful Android Apps You Should Check Out in 2019

Android Apps have made day to day activities very easy.  You can set alarm, control lights, read the news, get traffic update, check the weather report, locate the lost phone and a lot of other tasks just by using a small Android app installed on your smartphone. There are many useful Android apps that can do some incredible tasks but they are not well-known. Here is a list of best Android Apps that are very useful and can make your life simple.

CM Locker

useful android apps

CM Locker is an Anti-Theft Protection app which locks screen, apps, contacts, photos & videos of the phone with PIN, pattern or fingerprint lock. CM Locker can track the location of your lost phone, clicks the photo if someone entered incorrect password and emails the photo to you. It also lets you set siren and remotely lock the phone.  CM Locker application offers a variety of HD wallpapers and themes for the lock screen and does many other tasks too like weather forecast, News, notification reminders etc.

Parallel Space

useful android apps

If you ever wanted to use any app with two different accounts on your phone, then Parallel Space is the answer for you. You can have two Snapchat or WhatsApp accounts on the same app with different registered accounts that don’t share any data. Parallel Space gives you the option to use different themes for different accounts to ensure that that you won’t get confused between the accounts. The app supports 24 languages. The most notable feature of this application is it’s not visible on the phone and completely protects user’s privacy.


useful android apps

Tasker app allows you to automate a lot of tasks on phone.  It can read your SMS loud, changes ringing volume, icons, wallpaper as per the locations, put the phone on speaker when tilted during call, kill apps, zips and unzips app’s data, change screen timeout, brightness, tracks phone location, back up the data on SD card, shows your favourite app at the beginning of day and a lot more. Tasker has more than 200 built-in plugins. This app is certainly created to make our lives easier.



Pushbullet is a very helpful app when you want to access your phone while working on the computer. This app lets you send and receive messages from apps, check and dismiss notifications, share files, send and receive SMS, copy-paste text from PC to mobile or vice versa. You can even set notification time to avoid distractions. It also has end-to-end encryption of messages and notifications.


useful android apps

Click the photos of notes or certificates using the phone camera and CamScanner will scan and share your document. It can crop, optimize, secure, put watermarks and create PDF & JPEG format of the document. CamScanner gets easily connected to nearby printers; you can also fax the doc directly from the app. This app made the scanning and sharing process very simple.



If you want to open any link but do not want to leave the current app you are using, then Flynx Browser will open it for you in a floating bubble. This cool app allows you to switch easily between the link bubble and main app. Flynx Browser not only saves user’s time but also removes ads and irrelevant content. Flynx can shorten the link if you want to share it with your friend. You can also save the link content to read later or in offline mode.



IFTTT is one of the most useful apps that do tons of work for you. Install the app on your smartphone and control the lights, get the weather report, news, home security alerts, text to your friend, backup files, get notification of all the events nearby your location and what not. This is a complete package that fulfills all your day to day needs.



SHAREit can be the best app for files sharing at a very fast speed. You can share files from mobile, tablet or PC, this Android App even works on Windows and iOS devices. There is only one requirement; the app should be installed on both the devices. You do not need USB cable or internet connection to send or receive files. SHAREit supports all types of file formats and the file sharing speed is 200 times faster than Bluetooth.



Slack is basically a chatting app that is made for enterprise use. You can create different conversations as per your requirement like team, project etc. Slack gives you lot of options for the better organization of tasks and better communication with team members. You can text, call, share the documents, create and check off to do list using this application. It integrates easily with Google Drive, Dropbox, and Salesforce. All these capabilities make it well-suited app for business use.



Maps.Me can be the best friend of a traveler. This free app has detailed maps which you can use anywhere, anytime without an internet connection. Map.me has saved all the maps with navigation data for driving, walking, and cycling. When you are online, you can use the app to get latest traffic updates, share location on social media, do hotel booking and find the fastest route to reach your destination as per the current traffic scenario.

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