WhatsApp Will Now Allow You to Delete Sent Messages

Do you always want to delete the sent messages on Whatsapp? Ever wonder why this feature is still not present in this amazing messaging app? If yes, then your wait is over as WhatsApp has finally added the feature to erase the message that is sent to the unintended recipients erroneously. In many situations, you may want to delete the messages that you have sent by mistake or out of haste or anger.

To delete the sent messages is one the most requested features that users wanted WhatsApp to add in their app and WhatsApp has finally addressed this demand by introducing this fabulous option to rub out the sent messages. Many of the service providers have also noticed that the sender can delete messages for everyone only within seven of sending.  So after seven minutes, it is impossible to remove messages for everyone until and unless any recipients see it. To delete the sent messages from WhatsApp follow the steps given below:

  • Open the WhatsApp and then go to the chat option that contains the message that you want to delete.
  • After that tap and hold the message that you want to cancel. You can also select more than one message.
  • Then tap the trash bin icon present at the top of the screen. Here you will get two options “Delete for Everyone” and “Delete for Me”. You can pick any of them to delete your sent message from WhatsApp.

There is one restriction that this feature will work only if both the recipient and the sender will be using the latest version of the WhatsApp for iPhone, Android or Windows Phones. WhatsApp is rolling out this feature little slowly so there might be a chance that you may not have access to the “Delete for Everyone” feature right now. So you still have to be careful before sending some naughty messages to anyone on WhatsApp.