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An effective introduction must invoke curiosity and encourage your readers to scroll further. A compelling real-life situation or shocking fact is oft

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An effective introduction must invoke curiosity and encourage your readers to scroll further. A compelling real-life situation or shocking fact is often enough to do the trick.

GLADE MICHEL WIRTZ offers first class legal solutions made in Germany. Their ‘best in class’ network includes market leading boutique firms in every area of law.
Legal Advice

Anwalt Hattingen advises on all aspects of real estate law, from investment and development to mortgage lending. They can also assist with land use and zoning issues, title insurance policies and more. Their team of attorneys has extensive experience in the industry and is well equipped to guide clients through the complexities of this area of law.

They are regularly top ranked in German league tables and international publications for their work on the most complex domestic and cross-border transactions. They provide first class legal solutions made in Germany with the support of their ‘best in class’ network that includes market leading boutique firms in every field of law. This ensures they are able to provide the best advice to their clients in a fast and effective manner. They have a proven track record of steering large and complex projects in collaboration with major law firms around the world. They are also at the forefront of digitalisation and innovation.
Dispute Resolution

Today’s clients are seeking lawyers who understand the value of a “better win.” They want lawyers who are problem solvers, who can think creatively and proactively to get them through difficult situations. And they want lawyers who can select the appropriate dispute resolution process for their case and its outcome. Our Signature Resolution services—including mediation, arbitration and other ADR—give you the opportunity to develop these critical skills during your time at St. John’s Law through courses, conferences, clinics and co-curricular opportunities. The Hugh L. Carey Center for Dispute Resolution will help you hone your conflict resolution skills from the start of your law school career through your participation in Lawyering, our 1L internal negotiation competition. Then, through the rest of your time here, you will have numerous opportunities to continue honing these skills throughout our world-class practice.
Tax Advice

Holland & Knight attorneys provide tax advice on a broad range of matters, including international tax law, inbound investment planning, acquisitions and divestitures, leveraged and structured financings, corporate reorganizations, tax-free spinoffs, debt and equity transactions, financial products, employee benefit and compensation issues, state and local taxes, derivatives, tax credits and tax policy. Our attorneys are experienced in all aspects of resolving tax controversies with federal and state agencies. They are also skilled in communicating tax law to clients to help them make sound business decisions. Our tax advisors are highly regarded for their ability to clearly explain complex issues in ways that are easy for clients to understand.