How to Make Weakness Potion in Minecraft?

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How to Make Weakness Potion in Minecraft?

How to Make Weakness Potion in Minecraft? Potions have many uses, both positive and negative. You will do less damage with melee weapons when you take

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How to Make Weakness Potion in Minecraft? Potions have many uses, both positive and negative. You will do less damage with melee weapons when you take a potion of weakness. The effect of this potion can be upgraded to last longer but a “Weakness II” potion cannot be brewed.

There are not many advantages to a potion of weakness on its own. However, its splash potion variant can turn a downside into an advantage. The weakness potions can also be used for killing zombies.

Where to find Potion of Weakness?

The potion of weakness can be found in the creative menu three slots below flint and steel.

They are next to potions of strength and potions of decay.

To make a Potion of weakness, you will need:

  • Fermented Spider Eye
  • Water Bottle
  • Brewing Stand
  • Blaze Powder
  • Crafting table

A potion of weakness is simpler to make than most potions. It does not require brewing an awkward base potion. Fermented spider eye is a difficult ingredient to make because brown mushrooms are needed.

Glass bottles and a water source are required for making water bottles. The glass needed to make glass bottles can be made by smelting sand in a furnace.

You will need a brewing stand to brew your potion. Finding a blaze rod in a nether fortress is the most difficult part of this step.

Lastly, you will need blaze powder to fuel your brewing stand. Obtaining blaze powder shouldn’t be a problem if you have found a nether fortress with a blaze spawner.

In order to finish some of these recipes, you will need a crafting table with a 3×3 crafting menu.

How to make Potion of Weakness?

Open the brewing stand to make a Potion of Weakness. Put your water bottle in one of the three bottom boxes on the brewing stand UI. Blaze powder is used to fuel the brewing stand. Fill the leftmost slot with the blaze powder. The last step is to place your fermented spider eye in the top slot and wait for it to brew. In a few seconds, the bottle will transform into a Potion of Weakness (1:30).

Let’s start by locating a brown mushroom. I find that finding a dark oak forest biome is the most consistent. Where it is dark enough, brown mushrooms can grow. Check caves or even the nether for them. Biomes with dark oak forests will generate tall brown mushrooms, which are easy to spot and will provide more than you need. They are also safer than dark caves and the fiery nether.

Dark oak forest biomes can be recognized by their two-by-two trees and tall mushrooms growing between the trees. When you find a tall brown mushroom, you can break it down with just your hands and every block will drop a brown mushroom. You can also find brown mushrooms in a swamp if you are having trouble finding a dark oak forest.

In the recipe for fermented spider eye, brown mushrooms are specifically called for. Next, you will want to gather some sugarcane. Usually found along riversides, they are always adjacent to a water source block.

Sugarcane can grow in dirt or sand. Harvest some and start looking for spiders. A spider eye is rarer than a string, so track down some spiders and keep your sword ready.

Once you have defeated enough spiders, you should have found a spider eye. Go home and make a fermented spider eye.

Put some sugar cane on a crafting menu to make sugar.

Place your sugar, brown mushroom, and spider eye in the crafting menu to get a fermented spider eye.

You will need to find some firewood to fuel your brewing stand. Blaze will only spawn close to a nether fortress. Take it slow, avoid their fireball projectiles, and gather as many blaze rods as you can.

Bring your blaze rods back to the overworld and collect some cobblestone. To build a brewing stand, place three cobblestones on the bottom and a blaze rod in the middle.

Turn some of your leftover blaze rods into blaze powder while you are here.

Place your brewing stand somewhere safe. The last step is to make your glass bottles. Gather some sand and smelt it in a furnace to make at least three pieces of glass.

Arrange your glass on a crafting table in a “V” shape to make glass bottles.

When you have your glass bottles in hand, right-click any water source to fill it with water. Place the water bottles in the bottom slots of your brewing stand. The blaze powder will be used to fuel your brewing stand. It should be placed in the leftmost slot.

Last but not least, place your fermented spider eye in the top slot and wait for it to brew.

You will now receive 3 Potions of weakness. You will be weak for 1 minute and 30 seconds after taking these potions. In a brewing stand, you can extend this time by placing Redstone above these potions.