Online Training Platforms


Online Training Platforms

Online training platforms are a modernized way to teach learners using a learning management system (LMS). They offer users a single platform where th

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Online training platforms are a modernized way to teach learners using a learning management system (LMS). They offer users a single platform where they can manage multiple groups of users.

They also support a range of learning formats, including video-based and self-paced. In addition, some of them offer a one-on-one learning experience.


Blackboard is an online learning management system (LMS) that supports education and business. The tool offers a variety of features and functionality to help educators teach their students and business organizations improve employee productivity. Blackboard also provides allied software such as SafeAssign and Ally, which can help instructors check for plagiarism and assist students with disabilities.

Blackboard’s user-friendly design and mobile app make it a popular choice among educators and students. Its Activity Stream is similar to a news feed and allows students to stay up-to-date with course content, assignments, tests, and grades. It can be accessed from the main dashboard, which is easy to navigate on any device.

Educators can use the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra room to record sessions, and all participants will receive the link to the session in their Blackboard course. They can also use the class roster feature to create a list of all attendees.


Canvas is an online learning management system that includes a variety of features and functionality. These tools enable students and faculty to communicate about course content, track student progress, and engage in asynchronous collaborative learning. The platform also supports the latest pedagogical concepts and instructional strategies.

Some of the most popular Canvas features include calendaring, discussion boards, and grading tools. Its streamlined interface allows instructors to create assignments, quizzes, and discussions in a few clicks. Students can access these tools on the web and through a mobile app.

Other features include a gradebook that allows instructors to collect numeric or letter-grade assessments and a learning mastery grade book that compiles assessments based on outcomes and standards. Instructors can also reassign submissions in SpeedGrader and provide feedback to individual students.

iSpring Market

iSpring Market is an all-in-one eLearning platform that helps you monetize your knowledge and turn it into revenue quickly and easily. It lets you upload video, audio, office documents, presentations, and even ready-made SCORM courses and offers several payment options including PayPal and Authorize Net. It also integrates with Zoom and allows you to hold webinars. Other features include gamification, leaderboards, and personalized certificates.

iSpring Suite is accessible to users with disabilities, so you can create a mobile-friendly online course and switch to accessible viewing mode instantly. You can also customize the user portal to match your brand style and add a logo. It also has business automation features and allows you to offer discount coupons. You can track detailed analytics about traffic and purchases.


LearnUpon is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) that revolutionizes corporate training. Its unique features include seamless SCORM and xAPI courses importing, branding customization, and multilingual support. It also provides a variety of analytics and reporting tools to aid in data-backed decision making.

The platform offers an intuitive UI for admins and learners and supports multiple browsers, devices, and operating systems. It also features a robust security policy with a noteworthy ISO 27001 certification.

LearnUpon also provides a full range of accessibility options to support learners with cognitive and hearing impairments. Its new user features are in compliance with WCAG Level A and AA, Section 508. It also works to ensure that legacy features are brought into line with these standards. Moreover, it has an internal incident management process to respond quickly to customers’ incidents.


Skillshare is a subscription-based online learning platform that offers a wide variety of video classes. Each class includes a brief introductory video that provides an overview of the topic and the instructor. The platform also includes discussion boards, a transcript of the audio, and a space to take notes.

Many Skillshare courses include projects or assignments that allow users to put their newly acquired skills into practice. These projects are usually submitted to the instructor for feedback and critique. In addition, the site allows users to download lessons for offline access.

When you sign up for Skillshare, you start by selecting a couple of categories that interest you. This allows Skillshare to recommend classes that are likely to suit your needs. The platform also offers team plans that allow businesses to upskill their employees.Online träningsplattform