Skinny Mini BBL


Skinny Mini BBL

Skinny mini bbl is an alternative to implants for women who desire more modest butt enhancement. This procedure uses a small amount of expertly transf

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Skinny mini bbl is an alternative to implants for women who desire more modest butt enhancement. This procedure uses a small amount of expertly transferred fat to sculpt a rounder and more projected booty.

Unlike liposuction alone, VASER ultra-sound enables plastic surgeons to maximize the number of viable fat cells that survive after transfer. This ensures that the results are safe and natural-looking.
The procedure

Skinny mini bbl is a surgery that uses fat transfer to enhance the shape of the buttocks. It is a great option for thin patients who want to add fullness to the buttocks without undergoing a major transformation. The procedure involves liposuction to harvest fat from other areas of the body, purifying it, and then injecting it into the buttocks.

The surgeon may harvest the fat from a number of different locations, including the love handles, hips, abdomen, and flanks. The harvested fat will then be processed and injected into the buttocks in specific regions to achieve the desired shape and size.

During recovery, the patient will need to avoid sitting for long periods of time. It is important to follow the surgeon’s post-op instructions closely in order to ensure that all of the grafted fat survives and creates long-lasting results. Patients should also have realistic expectations regarding the results of their treatment. This is a subtle enhancement, and it is not a replacement for diet and exercise.

For patients who want more subtle enhancement in their buttocks, a skinny mini bbl offers the benefits of both liposuction and fat transfer for a Brazilian Butt Lift without making the patient look too full. This procedure is ideal for thin, physically fit people who have a flat butt, hip dips or lack of transition from the waist to the butt and want to add moderate volume and enhance their curves.

VASER high-definition liposuction is used to harvest and sculpt the desired areas before injecting into the buttocks, creating more of an hourglass figure for thin or athletic individuals and correcting cosmetic problems such as “muffin tops”. Because this is a minimally invasive procedure, results are very natural.

Patients should have realistic expectations and be prepared for a recovery period after the procedure. Double board certified plastic surgeon Dr. David Sieber and his team can help you determine whether a skinny BBL is the right option for your body type.

A Skinny Brazilian Butt Lift is a surgical procedure, which means that the recovery process is going to take some time. During this period, it is important that patients avoid putting pressure on the treated area. This includes avoiding sitting for extended periods and sleeping on the buttocks. Patients should also try to avoid heavy exercise for six weeks to prevent complications and accelerate the healing process.

During the surgery, liposuction is used to remove excess fat from the body. This fat is then filtered and purified. Then, it is injected into the buttocks to achieve desired results. During the procedure, there are several small ports used to inject the fat.

The skinny Brazilian butt lift is a great option for women with a lean body frame who want a subtle enhancement of the buttocks. It is a good alternative for those who are not candidates for a traditional BBL because they do not have enough extra fat to harvest.

The cost of the procedure will vary depending on the surgeon’s fees, location and other factors. You should schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon to learn more about the costs of your specific treatment plan.

To achieve optimal results, you must be at or near your ideal body weight. However, the procedure is not a weight loss treatment, and you should be able to maintain your new body shape.

Skinny BBL is a good choice for men and women who want to enhance the size of their buttocks without increasing the overall body size. The procedure combines liposuction with fat transfer, resulting in a curvaceous effect.

A minimum of 1-2 litres of fat is extracted via liposuction and injected into the buttocks, creating a pronounced enhancement. For thin patients, the survival rate of transferred fat cells is lower, so they may need to use more grafts than thicker patients. This can increase the total cost of surgery.