The Sovereign Ring


The Sovereign Ring

The Sovereign ring is one of the items used at a monarch’s coronation, along with the Orb and Sceptre and Crowns State Imperial and St Edward. It was

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The Sovereign ring is one of the items used at a monarch’s coronation, along with the Orb and Sceptre and Crowns State Imperial and St Edward. It was first used at the coronation of William IV in 1831.

You can see the ring on Queen Victoria’s fourth finger in this portrait by George Hayter, which was painted after her coronation. It was later given to her daughter, who bequeathed it with her own coronation ring to George V in 1919.


Gold is a precious metal that is often used to create beautiful jewellery. Its colour can vary from yellow to white depending on the purity, or karat. Higher karats are more desirable as they have a richer colour, but these can also be easier to scratch or bend.

This ring was made by Rundell, Bridge & Rundell in 1831 for William IV’s coronation and is one of the pieces that makes up the Crown Jewels. It consists of an octagonal sapphire overlaid with square-cut rubies, butted together in a gold strip setting to form the shape of a cross.

The ring was later given to Queen Victoria, who wore it with her consort’s ring at her own coronation. She left these and her own ring to the Crown in 1901, and they remain with the other royal regalia at the Tower of London.


Silver is a versatile metal, with an elegant and refined appearance that complements almost any style. Its purity is not ranked in terms of karats like gold, but in terms of fineness (at least 925). Silver rings tend to have a slightly duller appearance and can tarnish more easily than gold.

This unique ring features a gold sovereign coin in a detailed mount. First struck in 1817 as a circulating currency, sovereign coins now have a high numismatic value.

Made by Rundell, Bridge & Rundell for William IV’s coronation in 1831, the ring was later bequeathed to Queen Victoria along with her coronation crown. It became the standard ring used at every coronation until the twentieth century. Its octagonal sapphire design is inspired by the national flags of England and Scotland. The octagonal centre sapphire is surrounded by diamonds and baguette-cut rubies, which echoes the coronation cross of St George. This ring can be worn on its own or as part of a stackable set alongside our popular Circle and White Topaz rings.


Diamonds are made from carbon atoms bonded together in a unique formation. They form in high-temperature, high-pressure environments such as those found deep within the earth’s mantle. It’s not known how they arrive here but they are a result of intense forces that can only be produced by the intense pressure and temperature found in this region of the planet.

Diamonds have been used as jewellery for thousands of years and are a symbol of strength, courage and loyalty. They are prized for their dazzling brilliance and their ability to withstand the most challenging conditions.

This ring is available with or without a sovereign coin, please enquire for availability. Please note that the ring size may need to be slightly larger for a comfort fit. Please see the sizing guide in our footer for more info. All our rings are handcrafted in Portland by our skilled goldsmiths and made to order, usually within a few days of placing your order.

Baguette Tourmaline

Baguette tourmaline is often found in classic signet rings – this version has been updated with a modern design that looks great alone or as part of a stack. The faceted gems are set in eagle claw prongs on a polished 14k gold band.

The asymmetrical shape of this piece highlights the contrast between two different sides of a single, beautiful gemstone. Vibrant seafoam green tourmaline is framed by a diamond and an opal that lay horizontally across the finger. The combination is modern, with clean lines and starry-eyed romance – it’s the perfect balance of beauty and intrigue.

An invigorating ring of green tourmaline pave, this one-of-a-kind piece is perfect for the curious mind. It’s the kind of ring that can be worn for every occasion, and it suits a variety of ring styles. It can even be combined with a plain silver Knife Edge ring to make a bold statement. The green tourmaline is sourced from San Diego County, CA. It’s a October birthstone, and is astrologically associated with Gemini, Virgo & Libra.