Physioforce Sports Rehab in North Canton, Ohio


Physioforce Sports Rehab in North Canton, Ohio

Whether you are a weekend warrior or a dedicated athlete, sports injuries can derail your progress and cause pain. But physical therapy can help you r

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Whether you are a weekend warrior or a dedicated athlete, sports injuries can derail your progress and cause pain. But physical therapy can help you recover from these injuries and continue to meet your athletic goals.

Complete Sports Rehabilitation is a cash based practice that allows the therapist to focus on you, not your insurance company. Each appointment is one hour long, allowing the therapist to properly assess and treat your injury.

Physioforce Canton

Physioforce is a Physical Therapy practice located at 6285 Promler Ave Nw, North Canton, Ohio 44720. The clinic’s rating is 1 out of 5. It accepts various insurance providers. You can check out the therapist’s reviews and additional information on Healthgrades.

Physiotherapy treatments have been proven to be effective in many diseases and conditions, including chronic back pain, neck pain, digestive problems, balance difficulties, whiplash and other collision injuries, occupational and sports injuries. Some of the diseases in which physio treatment is particularly helpful include Sciatica, Scoliosis, Fibromyalgia and TMJ disorders.

Medical tests, procedures and therapies performed at Sports Physical Therapy practices may include diagnostic x-ray and MRI imaging, pain and mobility assessment, exercise therapy, and endurance exercises. These medical specialists also perform manual techniques and therapeutic massage. They also teach patients exercises to reduce inflammation and prevent re-injury. They are also trained in providing education to patients, coaches and clubs regarding injury prevention and management.

Physioforce North Canton

Physioforce North Canton is a physical therapy practice with healthcare providers who have special training and skill in treating injuries caused by athletics. They perform pain and mobility assessments, diagnostic imaging, and therapeutic treatment modalities. They also teach patients exercises and skills to prevent injury.

The Physio Force is an innovative new way to measure muscle force. It uses a simple device to track the movement of the human body in real time. This information can help determine the source of an injury. It can also be used to improve the performance of athletes.

The Physioforce sports physical therapy clinic is located at 6285 Promler St Nw, North Canton, Ohio 44720, US. The phone number is 6285-293-5800 and the fax number is 6285-293-6751. It accepts various insurance plans. To see if they accept yours, click the “Check Insurance” button on their profile. Then, enter your insurance details and schedule an appointment. If you have questions, contact the clinic directly.

Physioforce East Canton

Physioforce is a physical therapy practice that specializes in treating sports injuries. The clinic has a team of healthcare providers who are specially trained in diagnosing, treating, and preventing sports injuries. They use a variety of techniques to treat patients, including pain and mobility assessment, diagnostic imaging, rehabilitation, medical massage, and acupuncture.

The clinic’s NPI number is 564293859. The contact information and fax numbers are provided below. Patients can also call this phone number to schedule an appointment.

Physioforce is proud to serve the Village of East Canton, Ohio and its residents. The Village’s Police Chief, Thomas Hinerman, has a strong belief in the importance of creating trust between officers and the community they serve. The goal is to remove barriers and encourage opportunities for citizens to talk openly with officers, so they can become partners in a safer community. The Village of East Canton Police Department is a model for police departments across the country.

Physioforce South Canton

The City of Canton has a wealth of historical landmarks, from the Pro Football Hall of Fame to the National First Ladies Library where visitors can learn about the influence of women who married past Presidents and view relics that were integral to their lives. In addition, the city offers many resources to assist residents in need, including Liner Legal’s satellite office and the Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation.

Physioforce Sports Physical Therapy practices are medical specialty clinics that have healthcare providers who are specially trained and skilled in diagnosing and treating injuries resulting from athletics. They perform pain and mobility assessments, diagnostic imaging, and exercise therapy. They also educate patients on injury prevention and rehabilitation techniques.

The Physioforce clinic has an NPI number, which is a 10-digit identification number for health care providers. You can use this number to find out more about the clinic’s services, location, contact information, and more. You can also visit their official website to get more detailed information.sports rehab canton ohio