Liquid Shimmer Liquid Eyeshadow


Liquid Shimmer Liquid Eyeshadow

While some highlighters like Essence's Pure Nude or Clionadh Cosmetics' Aftershock are lovely and sparkly, they may not work as lid shades. They're to

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While some highlighters like Essence’s Pure Nude or Clionadh Cosmetics’ Aftershock are lovely and sparkly, they may not work as lid shades. They’re too sheer for that.

This liquid shimmer looks gorgeous swiped across the lids, but also works wonderfully dabbed anywhere else on the face or body. It’s loaded with skin-loving hibiscus extract and mastic, so it won’t dry out your face.

Product Description

Easily highlight your cheekbones, nose, cupid’s bow and anywhere else with this versatile liquid shimmer. Use it at full strength, or dilute with water for a subdued shimmer effect. Works great on eyeshadows, face and lip products and even in art projects like watercolor and ink!

In worlds created after defeating the Moon Lord, players can find Shimmer in the Aether Biome. It cannot be picked up by Buckets but can be transported using Pumps.

Shimmer has a variety of effects when thrown into it, including changing ores and gems into their lowest variants. It can also downgrade certain NPCs into Shimmered forms, although this does not change dialogue or gameplay and can be reversed with the Cancel> key. Projectiles such as Bullets, Gem staves’ projectiles and Portal Gun portals will bounce upwards off of it. The effect will also affect a player’s spawn point and the block they jump into. Moreover, the Shimmering debuff will pull the player down through blocks until they reach a solid surface.


This liquid shimmer eyeshadow is weightless, crease-proof and transfer-proof, and offers buildable pigment intensity. It features skin-loving ingredients like amino acids and vitamin E. It looks gorgeous swiped across your lids and is also easy to dab on the other areas of your face.

Ingredients in this makeup include a mildly viscous liquid with a fatty odor, made from Castor Oil and polyethylene glycol (PEG). The most prominent ingredient is Water, which gives this highlighter its main characteristic of being water-based.

When an item is thrown into Shimmer, it will downgrade into its lowest version if that item has multiple variants, such as Ores and Gems. Alternatively, some crafted items will cycle into their components, such as the Stone Blocks, Luminite Blocks, and Hardmode Ores.

Any NPCs that are submerged in Shimmer will transform into their Shimmered form, though this only has a visual effect and no gameplay impact. Enemies will disappear from sight when they leave the Shimmer, but can be seen again if they enter it again.


A highlighter is makeup meant to be applied to your cheekbones, cupid’s bow, and other areas where the light hits your face. It usually comes in a powder form, and is highly blendable and soft in pigmentation.

Eyeshadow, on the other hand, is meant to be swiped across your lids and blended out into a glow. This is why you want to use a shimmer that won’t emphasize your pores, and isn’t too glittery or intense.

Shimmer can be used to transform or “transmute” items into another item, such as various ores and gems. It can also be used to revert items to their standard forms, such as loot-dropped ancient armor and craftable ancient armor pieces. It can also be used to revert various enemy sprites, as well as some town NPCs’ upgrades (though this only works when the player isn’t in an Aether biome). Some blocks will degrade when thrown into Shimmer, such as dirt into mud and wet bomb into dry bomb.

Final Words

When thrown into the Shimmer, most projectiles (including bullets, Gem staves’ projectiles and Portal Gun portals) bounce upwards off its surface. However, the Starfury stars and Fallen Stars produced by swinging it are repelled from the surface. Items thrown into the Shimmer downgrade by tier when they reach the lowest version of their current form, such as Ores turning into Dirt Blocks or Luminite Bricks downgrading to a lower variant. The Shimmer liquid also grants NPCs a more “Shimmered” appearance, but this does not affect gameplay and dialogue or inflict the Chaos State debuff. Additionally, Peddler Merchants and Town Pets can be submerged in it to upgrade their health regeneration rates and boost mining and tile / wall placement speed.