Top 10 1st Anniversary Gifts


Top 10 1st Anniversary Gifts

Fifteen years of marriage calls for a pretty bouquet. Stick with the traditional theme of paper or go modern with clocks to symbolize time spent toget

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Fifteen years of marriage calls for a pretty bouquet. Stick with the traditional theme of paper or go modern with clocks to symbolize time spent together.

If they have a green thumb, this plant-based first anniversary gift is sure to please. Nurture their gardening skills with an indoor or outdoor flower garden.
1. Flowers

A bouquet of flowers is always a thoughtful anniversary gift, especially one that features blooms correlated with specific years. Carnations, for example, are traditional first anniversary flowers, and they represent the promise of young love. Optimistic daffodils are a great choice for a tenth anniversary and can symbolize trust, fidelity, and faithfulness.

Asters, a classic twentieth anniversary flower, can communicate wisdom and good fortune in your marriage. A framed piece of paper art that can be personalized with your names and wedding date is another lovely option.
2. Chocolate

If you’re looking for a sweet surprise, chocolate is always a great choice. Find a delicious treat that’s delivered right to their door or pick out a gift basket filled with decadent delights.

If they’re a travel lover, this cool map of the world is an excellent one-year anniversary gift. It’s even personalized with their names and wedding date for a thoughtful keepsake they’ll display at home.
3. Food Tours

If your loved one enjoys exploring local culinary scene, food tours make meaningful first anniversary gifts. Gift them a curated tour that lets them indulge in their favorite cuisine while discovering the city’s history and culture.

Many of these guided experiences are also suitable for people with dietary restrictions. Check if the food and culture experience they are planning to book has options for vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free, or other special diets.
4. Books

For the literature-loving couple, a book that honors their favorite verses or love poems is a thoughtful first anniversary gift. Add personalization to make it even more special.

If they’re traveling a lot, this out-of-the-box travel stub diary is the perfect way to preserve their memories.

For a fun, romantic present they can enjoy in bed or out, this coupon book lets them experience new adventures together. It can be as mushy or racy as they like!
5. Jewelry

A gold piece of jewelry is an excellent choice for a traditional first anniversary gift. This delicate stacking cuff is totally unisex and can be worn alone or paired with other coordinating bracelets for a fashion-forward look.

If you want to stay on the modern first anniversary theme, get a stylish hourglass timer that can be personalized with their names and wedding date for an added touch of sentiment. It’s also a great way to track wellness measurables, too.
6. Luggage

If he loves to travel, this chic weekender bag will help him organize his wardrobe for future getaways. It’s made of supple calfskin that will soften over time and meets carry-on standards.

A clock-themed gift is a great way to honor the one year anniversary theme. We love this modern option from Shinola that ticks both traditional and modern boxes. Its design is sleek and minimalistic, so it will fit well with any home decor.
7. Pet Portrait

Whether it’s a cat, dog or parrot, pet portraits are a heartwarming keepsake of a beloved animal companion. Pet painters work as independent artists and can develop their own unique style to set themselves apart in the industry.

This one-year anniversary gift is a thoughtful way to nod to the theme while spending quality time with your spouse. They’ll love this romantic mapmaking class that will help them document the milestones of their relationship.
8. Digital Photo Frame

It’s been a year since you said “I do”—and what better way to celebrate than with a gift that keeps your love alive?

Staying on theme, this cotton anniversary gift lets you upload a photo to be personalized with a semi-realistic watercolor illustration. It’s a thoughtful yet practical present they’ll enjoy and cherish.
9. Stationery

Give your spouse an elevated take on paper as an anniversary gift with this set of love letters. Personalize it with their names and significant date for a thoughtful touch.

Honor your favorite couple with a unique paper gift that celebrates all the places they’ve been together. Choose a caption above the map, then add their names and wedding date to make it all the more special.
10. Travel Stub Diary

If the lovebirds are frequent fliers, this travel stub diary will help them keep track of priceless memories. It features protective sleeves in two different sizes to hold everything from postcards and maps to business cards and photo pages.

This fun and thoughtful anniversary gift lets them check off all the places they’ve visited together. It also offers prompts to encourage romantic reflection.1st Anniversary Gifts